About Travis Osterman

About Travis Osterman

Travis Osterman is a medical oncologist and informaticist.  His clinical interests are lung cancer screening and treatment.

Dr. Osterman completed bachelor degrees in biology and computer science from the University of Indianapolis.  He completed medical school at Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine and residency in internal medicine at Indiana University.  Travis continues to work to integrate computers and medicine, specifically oncology informatics. Travis Osterman

Dr. Osterman continued to serve for one year as the chief internal medicine resident at Wishard Memorial Hospital after completing his training in internal medicine at Indiana University.  He continued his training in medical oncology and biomedical informatics at Vanderbilt University and uses medical informatics to answer clinical questions in oncology.

Travis has several hobbies outside of medicine and computer.  He enjoys gardening and would like to start a small ebb-and-flow hydroponics unit in his home to grow herbs and vegetables.  He grew up doing carpentry and woodworking with his grandfather and looks forward to having a woodworking shop in the future.  Travis also enjoys being active with his wife and (very active) Weimaraner.

If you found this site from the computer/technology side of things, You may also be interested in gentoovps.net.  This is a site Travis put together in 2011 to document installing and configuring different software packages in linux.  It is intended to those using Gentoo Linux but should be applicable to most distributions.

Please feel free to contact Travis with any questions or visit one of my other sites.  Google scholar profile.