Travis’ Resources

Unfortunately you probably won’t get a lot of information out of these links.  I put them here to aggregate some of the tools I use frequently into one location.

  • Admin Wiki – for a personal online content management system, mediawiki is hard to beat (password protected)
  • bugs tracking – I’m using mantis as my current bug tracker.  I’ve used Trac in the past and do miss the easy subversion integration, but the mantis interface is clean and I don’t mind having a separate repository browser.
  • db management– phpmyadmin for quick visual editing of mysql.
  • Postfix Admin
  • Webmail – via squirrelmail “webmail for nuts”

Code Repositories

Private – some day I’ll work on releasing the stuff here, you probably wouldn’t want it anyway

GPL’ed code unless otherwise specified. Free for all to use. Bash scripts and the like.

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