Travis’ Projects

Most of these projects are password protected in some way. Sorry.

  • – a online Gentoo linux (and linux in general) tutorial site.  I have appreciated the linux community and their documentation and support.  This is my way of giving back.  The main focus has been documenting the various aspects of setting up a virtual private server (VPS) that operates on the internet with bind, apache, mysql, ssh, etc.
  • OJournal – an online journal I created first in 2005 after being concerned about putting personal data onto third party servers or clear text into databases.  I have not yet released the project for general use but have been using it as my primary means of journaling since 2005.  All entries and attachments are fully encrypted in the database and decrypted only when the user accesses the information.
  • – a WordPress mutlisite installation with custom integration with Indiana University’s Central Authenication Service that provides residents an open forum to communicate and distribute documents. is not associated with Indiana University or hosted on IU servers.  Please see terms and conditions.
  • – An online sign out program that addresses the multiple difficulties of securing patient health information online.  I created this as part of a continuing quality improvement project during my third year of residency.  Note the production version

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